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Elder Mark Moore Jr.

Elder Mark Moore Jr is the host of the Young Leaders Conference based in Atlanta, Georgia. His goal is to reach as many people as possible in the areas of ministry, media and the marketplace. Scroll through to learn more and see how you can get connected today!

Drawn to His Mission

A graduate of Morehouse College, Mark has been passionate about communicating his message to the masses since the age of 18 years old. Since that time, he has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally empowering those seeking to expand their horizons. In addition to a heavy itinerant schedule, he also hosts world class events. To learn more, visit


Interviews, Articles and Blogs

In The Media

Mark Moore Jr. shares his experiences and knowledge in a series of articles, blogs and interviews.

Interview: Elder Mark Moore Jr.

I am a preacher’s kid. I have been around events and event planning all of my life.
I got into hosting conferences because I saw a need for people to come together and form communities along common goals and values.

Growing Up Serving God

It is fair to say that we, as children of God, never stop growing.
From the day we’re born to the day we return to Him, we go through constant development and change.